The car which symbolizes luxury is BMW.  Most people choose this car to show their fame and prestige. If we go into the history of this company, the manufacturing started in early 1900s and from then their hard work had gained importance and the company is now one of the leading multinational company manufacturing motorcycles, automobiles gaining profit andcustomer satisfaction. All the parts are made of high quality without any compromise and the designers designed the car in such a way that it looks perfect with great shades.

Wheel style

There are wheel styling procedures available if you want your wheel with its rim to be looking good. If you are interested in modifying your wheel of your car you can choose the available designs and models which are available in the market. In this bmw style 95, the picture can be viewed in the webpage of You can sign up on this website by providing the details or you can log in using your Facebook or google account. Till date there are no reviews or rating given yet.

Parameters of the wheel

Several parameters or specifications contribute to the alignment of the wheel and when you check those specifications given in the webpage you come across offset. Positive offset is observed in all BMWs. If there is a large gap between the centreline and wheel mounting surface, then it means high offset. The measuring parameter of this offset is mm that means millimetres, and this may create a positive high or negative offset.  If the mounting plate is outside and half of the wheel, then it is termed as positive offset. The OEM wheels which are common have this positive offset. If mounting plate is on the other side of the centreline of the wheel, then it is called as negative offset.

Replace your wheels and rims with one of the best design and style number 95. Just check out the figure and get your wheel done. The dimensions are as follows. In the series 7er E65+, the size is 9×19 with the positive offset of ET 24 and the weight is measured in kg. this is for the front use. For the back usage the size is 10×19 with the offset ET 24 and the weight is measured in kg. They are not limited to few styles, but hundreds of wheel styles are available to choose the one which you like.