Agriculture is one of the oldest ways in which the people can earn a living. At the same time, agriculture is the way of earning which is at the gross root level. There has always been a scope in most of the things that are available today and in the field of agriculture, there is always research going on to improve the lives of farmers as well as the quality of the crop that is produced. When the research initially started, there was the introduction of the fertilizers and the pesticides to keep away from the pests that destroy the crop. The fertilizers are the extra nutrients that are present which add the quality to the crop as such.

There are cases where the fertilizers and the pesticides are also not working their magic. There are many lands where the soil is also not available for the growth of crops. In such cases, the agriculture cannot really be stopped but there are no facilities to carry it out. In order to get over this issue and see to it that the people are being able to continue with agriculture, there are few solutions which have come up. One of this is the pelatihan hidroponik.

hidroponik bogor

The new technology:

This is the way in which the people are going to cultivate the crop just by using the water. There are no other sources like soil for the growth of these crops. The water is going to be added with minerals and the people are going to see to it that it is mineralized with all the nutrients that are needed for the particular plant growth.

One the water is ready, the plants are grown in this water. The plants are going to absorb all the nutrients that are available in the water and they are going to build themselves. This is a very innovative thought which has come up and the people are going to see to it that they are taking extra care for the cultivation of this type. There are many farmers who have been benefited with this type of cultivation as such. There are many places which are hit by draught or the soil quality is not very good. In such cases, these kind of methods are preferred. This is very much prevalent in Indonesia and there are many other places all around the world who follow this.