Acrylic awards are quite popular and considered as a long-lasting token of appreciations to acknowledge the hard work of your employees. Acrylic is a material that bears a resemblance to the glass but is very stronger and durable. This makes this material to last through various accidental drops and can be kept intact for years. Purchasing custom acrylic awards for your employer provides them with an amazing memento that they will cherish throughout their lifetime.

Just like glass, the impression of an acrylic material is very easy, so you can customize your awards by engrossing the name of your business and the receiver on them. This material is also desirable because it can easily be customized and used to create gifts, awards and more.

The awards made by acrylic are very light (about half as heavy as a normal glass)- this makes them highly portable and retainable. Acrylic awards maintain the color and shape added to it even when left outside in sun. These awards are highly resistant to scratch- if any scratch occurs on your acrylic award can easily be buffed out.  So, if you are looking for awards that last-longer then this amazing acrylic awards is a clear choice to go for.

Types of Custom Acrylic Awards Available for Employees

From glamorous to classic ones, or the ones with that has your companies unique designs and color- There are a variety of acrylic awards available in a market that you can choose from. Some of the most demanded and popular types of these awards are mentioned as below:

  • Acrylic plaques: These type of awards are rectangular, flat and is generally used to be hung on the office walls.
  • Awards with Stands: These acrylic awards come with a stand that is carved in various shapes on top. The shapes can be the angular shapes of the curved crescent moon shapes. The stand is placed at the base that makes these awards easy to hold and handle.
  • The Stand-alone awards: the acrylic awards come in a variety of designs and shapes(as discussed above). A stand free award can be oval shaped, star-shaped and can add a special touch to these awards.

Some acrylic awards can also have eye-catching patterns, outlines, and designs that can add an attractive touch to awards you employee will love to have.