There are two things which must be considered in Facebook to get popular or to get more views. One is shares and other is likes. These can be achieved by having a page or post which can easily attract people on FB. The video itself encourage the visitors to share or like. If one achieves a high number of facebook video viewsit is as good as a free exposure to get popular in social media like FB.

Since FB has come up with a new feature on its videos that is automatic play, more and more people are watching videos on FB. This feature is user friendly since people need not click the play button to watch a video. When they scroll down it will start playing automatically. Here are few things which users should keep in mind if they want to increase the views of their FB videos.

Increase fb video views - points to keep in mind

  • When user decides to upload the video, he must focus on the thumbnail first. This should be eye catching. Yes thumbnail matters a lot in getting likes and shares on a video.
  • It is always better to upload the video directly on FB. It is a good habit. Always do not share the videos which are already present in some other sites. It may be easy. But it will not help in getting more shares and videos. If it is directly uploaded video, then even FB will try to make it famous.
  • Since majority of the visitors login FB on their mobile phones or any other handy devices, clarity of the uploaded video matter a lot. The video must be clear.
  • Even though the video’s visual clarity is very important, the things explained in the video can also make huge difference. The message should be conveyed clearly. If it is a promotional video, then it must promote the particular product smartly. Humor can be added if it is relevant.
  • One more important thing to keep in mind is length of the video. This is very important. People will not have patience to watch lengthy videos unless it is very attractive. If the video finishes quickly conveying the right message then it will attract more and more visitors.
  • The title used for the video is also very important. It must be relevant and attention catching.
  • Posting time is the more thing that user must always think about. He must post his video when there sees more people online. This will matter a lot in getting more shares and likes.
  • Once the user finishes uploading the video he must edit the title.