If you have a large multilingual project, you definitely need good translators to reach more audience and stimulate their interest. What makes a good translator? It is about selecting the right one. If you are in need of Freelance French translator, you need to assess the translation agency first.

To assess, you should look for standards. Here are the standards to look for when selecting Professional French translation:

The reputation of the agency

The translation agency should have good track record and years of experience. If the translation agency is new, you check for notable clients that way you will know the quality of their work. When you choose an agency, you have to check if it is too small or big for your specific project.

The key personnel
Translation agencies do not just hire people with basic knowledge of a foreign language. For translation agencies, the quality and mastery of the language are crucial to the success of any translations. With this, the agencies are considering translators with Masters Degree. To validate the expertise of the translators, the agencies will ask for a license in foreign language and literature and other complementary diplomas.

Another key qualification of personnel or translator is mastery in Office tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Advanced knowledge in editing software like InDesign is also an important qualification.

The linguistic combination
The translation agency should provide a wide range of linguistic combination not just French or English. It is crucial that the agency specify the mastery of their translators to ensure that transcribed translations are close to the native or target language.

Aside from linguistic combination, the agency’s translators are specialists of various fields. This is to make sure that the translator has enough knowledge about a specific field. The agency should have the following specialists:
A. Technical translators: these translators translate specific documents relating to their field of expertise. For example, industrial, legal, marketing, and medical specialists.
B. Audiovisual translators: these translators will work on the subtitles of the documentaries, series, and even movies.
C. Localizer: these translators are specialists in information technology and multimedia. They will translate content for video games, websites, and software. They will help to facilitate easy adaptation of culture or country.
D. Sworn translators: these translators handle legal and other official documents. There are other specialists. As a client, you need to check the linguistic combination of the agency to make sure that they have everything you need for any project type.

It is critical that the agency meets the deadline set out. Before starting, there should be a talk about scheduling and meeting the deadlines. The agency should be able to meet the deadlines initially set.

Now that you know what to look for in a translation agency, it will be easier to launch your project or whatever that is you need translating. Whatever the nature of your project is, your aim is to increase your global sales. Increasing your visibility and reach should be a priority. This is when you need a translation agency.