If you want to cut your hair short for a while and escape the painstaking process of washing, oiling, combing and managing lengthy hair, then here is a quick way to do it! Browse through these short hairstyle ideas to alter your appearance.

Know Your Hair to Choose the Right Hairstyle

It is important to know your hair type to style and maintain it. Thinner hair is susceptible to hair loss while thick hair becomes soggy easily. Based on the length and thickness of your hair, it is best to go for a stylish makeover. There are four prominent types of hair namely,

  1. Straight: Straight hair is soft, shiny and frizz-free. It is easy to maintain and sporting shoulder-length short hairstyles will be a breeze.
  2.  Wavy: Wavy hair looks bouncy and thick; therefore, the shortcut with fringes and bangs is the best way to style it.
  3. Curly: Curly hair may be tough to manage but chopping it into cute curls will add glam and volume to your hair. Bob, wavy and messy hairstyles should be your go-to-one.
  4. Coily: Fully coiled hair is playful and fun. Asymmetrical chop will help control the coils and portray a unique yet trendy look.

enizio: short hairstyles: a articleShort Hairstyles to Match Different Hair Types

Enizio is a popular hairstylist studio, and, they wrote and published some of the best modern and chic short hairstyles to try for any occasion. We have a list of options from their collections based on the type and texture of your hair.

  • Boudoir beheads, let there be rock and vaguely vogue is the perfect styles for shoulder-length straight hair. If you want to rock short chic hairstyles with straight hair, try the bowl is the goal and straight 180 which have a twisty turn to your sheen mane.
  • The wavy bob, windy and wavy, girl about town, dream a little dream is cool styles for wavy hair.  Messy and wavy and cute as a button are perfect for flaunting your waves.
  • Short and curly, classic crew cut, practically curls, if you got them flaunt them, misplaced highlighted bob, if you’re going big, go huge are the best short hairstyles to accentuate your curls.
  • Mess with the best, lift and color, big at the bottom and short fringes are great ways to style coily hair.

Short hairstyles work magically on blondes and red hair. Some hairstyles like bangs, side-swept cut, blonde bob and curls are perfect for anybody to flaunt at a date, party, festivals or corporate events. Just run wild for a day and surprise everyone!