Increased muscle size and less body fat is the common goal of bodybuilders, male and female. To do this naturally, without artificial chemicals, is the real goal for nearly all of us.

Most of us are not willing to suffer the possible side effects of chemical performance enhancement, and rightly so.

There are natural means to stimulate that muscle growth. There are natural means to strip off that body fat. And, these natural means will not have a negative effect on your health.

Also, your physical improvements are permanent, not fleeting. If you workout with a program from, then you’re assured that the results will be permanent.

The Un-Natural Way Can Lead To Health Problems

When I lived in Texas, I trained at a local club. One of the club managers had been a Mr. Texas contest winner about a decade before. I had trouble believing this because he didn’t look like he had ever worked out.

He was about 6’3″ and didn’t weigh much more than 180. He didn’t appear muscular at all! He showed me pictures of his contest win, and other than the face, that was someone else: huge, 260 pounds or so and muscular.

He told me he had been taking anabolic steroids for several years, buying them under-the-counter at health clubs and such. He didn’t understand about cycling and overdid it, to say the least.

After he stopped, he found the bulk disappearing at an alarming rate. His doctor told him he had the organs of an old man, and his testicles had atrophied. This former Mr. Texas had just been denied health insurance at age 42.

The four-time Mr. Universe, Bill Pearl, writing in his great book, “Keys To The Inner Universe,” the best book on bodybuilding ever written, advises against taking any type of steroid or growth hormone for more than three weeks and not more than two cycles per year.

The late and great Vince Gironda, The Iron Guru and trainer of champions, advocated natural nutrition and supplements for muscle growth and fat reduction. Vince’s devotees included many of the biggest names in bodybuilding spanning about five decades.

Natural Muscle Growth 

We know that protein is composed of amino acids that are the building blocks of muscle tissue. We also know that “good” fats are what help the amino acids convert into muscle. Fats also supply energy to the body.

Natural complex carbohydrates are necessary for energy to fuel the furnace and fiber to grease the waste disposal system.

A bodybuilder’s diet should consist of 25% protein, 20% fats and the remainder in carbohydrates, including enough fiber.


* A good natural protein powder (mixed with raw milk)

* Lipotropic compounds (amino acids) to naturally speed upyour metabolism and burn fat.

These are often available as a single pill combination.

o Methionine

o Choline

o Inositol

o Betain

* Desiccated liver – enriches your blood, increases oxygencapacity

* Kelp Tables – natural protein

* Creatine Monohydrate – increase strength and stamina

* L-glucosomine – protein assimilation

* High-potency vitamins – B-complex and C

* Wheat germ oil – Energy and endurance

The lipotroupes help catalyze the breakdown of fat that you ingest. They also cleanse fats from our liver, preventing severe liver problems like cirrhosis.

They also can regulate estrogen in the system. Excess estrogen hormone decreases the flow of bile through the liver and can increase cholesterol levels.

Natural (good) fats are those from fish, lean meat and poultry, olive oil, wheat germ oil, walnut oil and other nut oils. Hydrogenated or Trans-fats and should be avoided