Need for Speed Most Wanted 2017 – great game; we will not return it shortly. However, we found some errors that must be corrected, so the next game will not have the same problems.

One of the six serious errors that we found was that the music for the game was poorly chosen. need for speed most wanted apk uses strange retro music, not suitable for the game in which you drive and run away from the police. This game should play intense music, such as rap, rock, and hip-hop. In fact, we had to make a playlist for the game, and most people prefer not to create a playlist.

Another thing that was bothersome was that wecould go two hundred miles an hour and divide the police car in half, but crashed when we got into a civilian vehicle that was eighty kilometers an hour. It annoys the player when he tries to evade the police or tries to get the first place in a challenging race. We speak about this from personal experience.

Authentic game

need for speed most wanted apk

Most players want the games to be as authentic as possible, which makes the game more enjoyable. For example, the player’s lights (when lit) illuminate the objects; while the IA headlights are on and do not turn on anything. To explain this further, if you walked through the slums in Venezuela and saw a small and shaky cabin, and in the garage saw Lamborghini; the cabin makes the Lamborghini look ugly, and you cannot stop looking at the car, because it stands out a lot.

The shock cameras and shots are annoying when you run or evade the police, hit someone or shoot;we do not want to see my Bugatti crash against the railing. We wanted to play in the race and continue the race. The failure and the elimination of the cameras must be reduced in two seconds (if the player is not connected to the network) because it still needs to show the player with whom it crashed when this happens. The AI delay of the fault can remain unchanged because they are programmed to lose.

Better artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence must be smarter, for example, when I hear a policeman say that he will try to use the well maneuver that the policeman has to accelerate to try to do it. Civil AI can still be stupid, and it’s fun to watch what they do when they fall.

The fact that the story mode was removed for this game hurts us. Not only that, there was no coin in the game, taking players out to beat the game; because the player is given cars, and the only way he lost the race is if he crashed.