Dai Vernon who is believed to be one of the most well-known magician says if you don’t like practising then trust me you should try and get some other hobby. While this is something that might seem to be a bit harsh it is important if you really wish to learning great card things. And if don’t like practice at least some or other extent you simply will not progress. And from my experience and teaching more than 100 of students online, we do not actually enjoy practising and we do not know How to do card tricks for beginners. Either we don’t understand the entire practising process, or we are having some unrealistic ideas and expectations.

The truth here is when you start practising more effectively you can start having more fun and making real progress at the same time. Practice here can turn out to be fun and is a highly productive thing. Learning great card tricks in fact can turn out to be really very addictive.

Going Right on the top: In order to find the right sources for your close up magic, trust me you can do no better by watching out a documentary. And it was fortunately enough to have a Vernon’s top students as friends and mentors. And this is one of the major reason as to why the magic has actually turned out to progress.

It is the Finger positions that count: This is something that is most of the times misunderstood. You need to deeply examine each and every finger position at every single moment of the sleight. You need to check and know if the fingers position are touching the cards at the outer, inner or the middle joint. Is that the pad of finger or the tip? Or is it the right side of the tip. Though this is something that might seem to be endless but you can actually begin to answer and question them. You will actually begin by seeing the level of every detail that is required to true sleight of the hand artist.

Considering the fact: Trying to learn about the card magic on YouTube. Let’s go of the idea that you can actually get any information that you wish to know for free on the internet. Yes you can get a lot of material and many things in order to know about it. But remember you will be practising all the above mentioned techniques for years or else for your rest of your life. The amount that is being spent in order to know the information from the more trusted source pales in comparison to the months or years you could be wasting what actually turns out to be an substandard approach.

To Conclude:

The most effective magicians actually learn to practice the above mentioned techniques in all stages. So what other strategies would you actually like to learn when it comes to learning the greater card tricks. Do leave your comments below. We would love to hear from you.