Nootropics are the synthetic or natural substances that are taken for improving the mental performance in the healthy people. They’ve gained huge popularity in highly competitive society today and are often used to increase memory, creativity, focus, motivation and intelligence.

What’re Nootropics?

The nootropic is substance that improves the mental functioning, such as increased information processing, memory, concentration, and combination of the cognitive benefits. The intended use for the nootropics drugs was treating cognitive illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease. But, healthy individuals make use of nootropic supplements & drugs to increase focus and productivity. Since, nootropics are very commonly referred as the “smart drugs” & “cognitive enhancers.” Let us learn more about these nootropic drugs listed below and see if these medications will help you out.

elevates mood

Alpha GPC

Are you finding it tough to stay highly focused when you are trying to grasp the new concept? Suppose you struggle hard to focus and concentrate when learning, you must try and increase your production of acetylcholine. And Alpha GPC is one best source of choline, which will increase amount of the acetylcholine naturally in your body.


Like other nootropics drugs to improve concentration, Aniracetam can boost the mental energy. When you are not dealing with the fatigued mind, it is simple to concentrate. Suppose studying and learning any new tasks completely tires you, substance like this can be a thing that you need. Aniracetam can modify the AMPA receptors in the positive way. This will improve neurotransmissions in your brain. Taking the substance can reduce the stress levels as well as mitigate feelings of the anxiety. Providing you take the substance at an appropriate dosage, you must not need to deal with serious side effects.


Known as Lucidril, it is the nootropic drug created back in 1950s. Whereas it was created initially to treat the patients who were suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease, but research has shown it has the good source of choline. This can also be taken on own or with other nootropics drugs. Suppose you choose to take Centrophenoxine drug, you have to use this sparingly. Whereas it will greatly improve your focus, it also can be addictive in the nature. Suppose you take this when you actually want to focus, you will not become totally dependent on it.


This is the nootropic drug known for reducing your stress and elevating mood. But, this supplement will clear your mind as well as keep people totally focused. L-Theanine generally tends to make you drowsy that is why lots of people do not take this for concentration. If you combine this supplement with caffeine, you can counter symptoms of the drowsiness when enjoying benefits of this supplement.