Weed, ganja, marijuana, whatever you call it is a medicinal plant that was popular in some African countries like Jamaica. It wasn’t just a plant but the plant that has a ton of medicinal properties. Although when it became popular in the US. Where it had a bad start thanks to its “high” properties. today there’s no denying that people are slowly opening their minds to the health benefits of marijuana.

The road to marijuana enlightenment has involved a ton of experts, long hours of research and positive feedback to be able to reach its wide acceptance today. Today marijuana is much more acceptable on its medicinal side and proof of that is the legalization of it in some states. With its legalization and efforts to educate more people to open up to marijuana, it opened possibilities for marijuana to be further researched for people to grow it and of course smoke it.

Why smoke it: The best thing about smoking weed is that it’s healthy. Think about it, if you want to smoke, why not just smoke weed instead? It helps you become relaxed, less stressed and when you smoke with your friends it’s more fun.

  • It helps you become thinner
  • Surprisingly smoking weed is healthier than smoking cigar
  • It kills cancer cells
  • It’s actually safer than alcohol
  • It helps your creative juices flow
  • Helps you give up on drug addiction and substance abuse

Why grow it: With marijuana being legalized in various states it creates this area of opportunity to try out various marijuana products like ointments, candies and so on. When way back the place to go was Amsterdam, now you don’t have to. In fact why not just grow one in your backyard. The good thing about the marijuana market today is that its still not oversaturated and the government are helping small business to scale their business for a few years before big players are allowed to tap into the market. Below are a few good reasons why you should grow one:

  • You control your environment
  • Make it a business

Why you should learn: As weed becomes legalized and more people are more knowledgeable about it, you might want to consider learning it to harness its potential. Whether for consumption or for a business opportunity. It’s the right time for it and if you want a good source of information to get you started, check out Green the vote ok.

Weed has been very popular these past few years as more people are slowly discovering its benefits. While weed is still not widely accepted in other states, it can’t be denied that it’s slowly shying away from what it was first negatively known. With that, the time now is the best time to explore weed as a better alternative to tobacco for smoking and for business. It has a ton of benefits and can be utilized in various preparations. If you never tried out weed before, now is the best time to learn it and explore its potential while the market is still not overly saturated.