Light plays an important role in defining the interiors of a setting. While pendant lighting is simple and affordable, beautiful chandeliers add style, beauty and elegance to your interiors. Despite their graceful appeal, the stunning sources of light may present a challenge due to their weight, while suspending them from the ceiling. Looking for an exquisite chandelier? Read on to know more about chandeliers UK.

Why should one Prefer Chandeliers?

Chandeliers complement both formal and traditional decors. Made of conventional materials like bronze, wrought iron, steel and crystal, they provide ample of light in a large and open space, especially formal areas, like cathedral ceilings, dining rooms, conference halls, etc.

Back in the 15th century, the ornate lighting symbolized luxury, status and class, as only the wealthy could afford it. Nonetheless, the modern-day chandeliers can still invoke an affluent appeal while remaining cost-effective and manageable. There are many different types of chandeliers available in the market but glass, crystal, shaded and candle chandeliers are most preferred by homeowners.

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Beautiful and Ornate Chandeliers Available in the Market…

  1. Crystal Chandeliers

Crystals and prisms add a dramatic effect to chandeliers suspended from the ceiling of entryway, foyers and dining room. Refined light from the crystals symbolizes opulence and elegance.

  1. Glass Chandeliers

From classic to contemporary, glass chandeliers allow you the freedom to add the required modesty and fanciness to your homes. Their charming light brightens your kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

  1. Candle Chandeliers

The classic candelabras are designed with flickering bulbs to reproduce candlelight, thus adding a characteristic charm to your rooms.

  1. Shaded Chandeliers

Chandeliers that come with shades, add discrete lighting to your homes and offices. With these shades, you can adjust the light to soft, medium and hard tones.

Besides these, there are other options like rustic, globe, Flemish, modern, lantern, antler, drum, linear, orb and bowl type of chandeliers that you might want to consider.

A gorgeous chandelier is an elegant way to add bling to your rooms but they may cost a pretty penny. Check our website to find an attractive and affordable piece.