Wall panels by simple definition are the pieces of rectangular flat materials used in building establishments to cover the wall. It is gaining popular in the building construction industries in our recent present years. Because of its rare and unique features and advantages, it has been adopted in different building constructions. Traditional wall coverings used in the past include the bricks or clay, the wood, and tiles. These wall coverings have many limitations. Using tiles for tiling in the bathroom and other part of the building is now a traditional option to cover the walls. There are low cost modernized wall covering materials that offers the same function of tiles and other traditional wall coverings. One of the new shower wall panels that has taken ground in our present age is the PVC wall panel. PVC is chemically called the polyvinyl.

PVC panels for bathrooms

It is a form of plastic commonly used for building construction purposes. It is used for the shower wall panels of the bathrooms. Ever since the introduction of new shower wall panels, there is a noticeable improvement in our bathroom appearance the limitations common with traditional wall coverings is now a history. The appearance of the bathroom is more attractive than before and the breaking of tiles during renovation is no more necessary as the walls of the bathroom together with the tiles can comfortably be covered with this modernized wall panel. It is of paramount importance to note that this shower wall panel can be used on both rough and smooth surfaces.


Apart from the fact that PVC shower wall panel is a low cost substitute for tiles and other wall covering, it is also easy to maintenance. With the waterproof nature of the shower wall panels, maintenance is very easy. Just with a washing up moisture, and warm water, the walls of the bathroom will look neat as a new brand. Also, the time used in cleaning the shower wall panels is little when compared to tiles and other traditional building materials such as the clay, and wood