When it comes to battery life, it has become quite important for all the devices that use them. People have become so dependent on their devices that it has become a necessity to find different ways of extending or preserving battery life. We all know about charging these batteries, but hardly ever practice how to extend the life of the battery. When you use go battery you get tips on how to extend the life of the batteries you purchase.

Room temperature

Many people do not consider the importance of leaving the battery on your mobile device in room temperature. Some people even leave their phones fully charged in the cars in extreme heat. This heat always affects lithium-ion batteries.

Buy recently manufactured batteries

Batteries deteriorate whether they are in use or not. Many people buy spare batteries and keep them in storage as they await the one in the phone to stop working efficiently or for when they travel, in case they have nowhere to charge the current battery. It is best to buy a high capacity battery that was recently manufactured rather than settling for any “unused” battery.

Do not fully discharge the battery

It is often advised that you should fully discharge your lithium-ion batterybefore recharging it. However, if you want the battery to have a longer life span, it is best to recharge your battery before it is fully discharged. This way you minimize the damage on the batteries.

Avoid using high current

High current always affects the quality of lithium-ion battery. It is important for you to ensure that you only use the right current because you will just ruin your battery if you choose to use high current just because you want the battery to charge faster.

Do not charge to full capacity

Charging the battery partially extends its battery life. Charging your litium-ion battery  to about 40% and storing it means that the battery will serve you longer than if you charged your battery to 100% every other time. Fully charging you battery regularly only shortens its life span.