Although it sounds fun and exciting to carry a crossbow, venture out in the jungle and go for a wild hunting spree; but it’s not that easy. Carrying a crossbow and handling, it appropriately has its own nuances and one has to be very careful in order to avoid any exigencies. So before you make up your mind on launching yourself in that crossbow section of the departmental store and buy it, read through some of the important points on handling crossbows.

Safe handling and Storage of a Crossbow:

Safety is of paramount importance while having a fun day of shooting. You need to ensure you always carry your crossbow in the unlocked position.

  • Hold your crossbow with both hands and ensure its pointed down all the time and away from people.
  • Even when you are ready to aim, keep your crossbow unloaded and uncocked unless you’re ready to shoot.
  • The crossbow should never be fired without a properly loaded bolt. Generally, a dry fire, like this can damage the crossbow and may injure the archer as well.
  • Crossbows should only be uncocked while firing into a target. When the range is clear and you have properly aimed at your target, then disengage your safety and fire your bolt.
  • Always keep your crossbow safe in a crossbow case, where it will stay protected
  • Lube and Wax your crossbow string frequently. If the string is damaged, it may create disasters with people being injured as well. Both lube and wax preserve the tenacity of the string.
  • Make sure that your string is centered immediately after cocking the bow. Generally, we tend to disengage after a shot and get on a relaxation mode, but that can be hazardous.
  • Don’t Dry Fire: Shooting a crossbow without an arrow, just for practice, will damage your bow and you never know where pieces might fly and hurt someone. Take care the loaded crossbow should be handled exactly and with the same care as a loaded gun.
  • While on the field where the actual action will happen, make sure that you have a firm and reliable backstop to lien on. You will need a safe and good enough area that is at least 300 yards deep and open to allow plenty of room for obstruction-free arrow flight.

With all these tips and more, you can now expect yourself to deal with the crossbow in a much more professional manner than before. You certainly will be more confident to walk down the nearest store and to your choicest crossbow section and buy the best fit crossbow for yourself. Happy hunting!!!