Every product requires a label whether it is retail or institutional. This is the place where the product name, details about the product, contents, price or barcode is printed. Or if one considers a company having many thousands of customers which require letters to be sent, labels are required. It would be easy to print on them if they adhere to a particular size as per the product need or address size.

Pre-Cut Labels

When it comes to labels, size does matter to the product or address. One need not own a printing press and cutting machine to customize the size of the label. Nowadays, pre-cut labels are available online to order. All one has to do is select the correct size from the existing sizes and order them. The need could be laser printer labels and plain or adhesive type, all are available. What is important is that the paper should be of good quality and should be able to enhance the image of the product and should not diminish it.


The paper should be of the highest quality and if possible should be eco-friendly. There are separate laws in the US and the UK for food and medicine labeling guidelines. Not far are the days when new laws will be enacted for the environmentally friendly paper to be used in labeling. The size should also be sufficient in nature that all relevant information can be printed on it. In the case of laser printers, the paper should be able to withstand the heat generated by the printer and should not make dent or curls and not jam the printer. Continuous sheets are preferable for home users where the printer is not specifically meant for label prints.

Choosing the Supplier

Selecting a supplier for the quality label will be one of the difficult tasks. One can buy from a retailer, super market or any of the online stores. However, it would be preferable if one can directly buy them from an online supplier who is also the manufacturer. The product manufacturer may be able to supply the products at a much lower cost than a retailer. Whether the need is a laser printer labels or thermal printer labels, the supplier should be able to supply any quantity at an affordable cost. One should also check whether they offer shipping at no cost or at additional cost as these may impact the final cost.