Working professionals tend to suffer from back pain due to sitting in the same place for long time. It is not only the duration but the design of the chair also the main reason for the back pain. Mainly those executives who are confined to their seat due to the job position in front of the computers. They tend to take adequate breaks and provide relief to over stretched back bone.  Over the time, spinal cord tend to rebel with the pain which should be the warning for them to change the chair or the sitting position.

Add extra cushion to sooth the painseat cushion

Once you started to suffer from the back pain, change of chair alone won’t help to overcome the pain.  You need to add additional cushion to office chair cushion in order to overcome the pain and the sufferings due to pain. It is not only chairs or sitting postures that alone cause the pain. Women tend to get the back pain due to child birth operation mainly due to the injection administered in the spinal cord during the operation. For them it is must to get the additional cushion seat in order to avoid getting pain in coccyx area which is situated at the tail end of the spinal cord.

This cushion is designed in a way to provide comfort to your bottom and back. It also absorbs human heat without any problem. These are manufactured with the foam with no addictives added to it and have life time replacement warranty if it is not providing the expected results to the users. It can be used in office chairs and in cars also when you tend to travel for long distances.

It is designed by our experts with the help of orthopedic surgeons in contoured curve design which provides support not only to back but also to the legs. Covers of the cushion can be washed in machine and it has non slip rubber bottom which ensure it does not move away. Check the reviews by the customers if you want to be 100% satisfied before buying. Our clients have given us a lavish praise.