Living in a tropical country is great but also very stressful. It is more profound, especially during the summer season. There are lots of places with beautiful beaches that you can go to ease the hot days and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Some will go to the expensive resorts and hotels with the great cooling system to ward off the heat. But for an ordinary citizen, life is not always full of luxuries especially those without their own house.

It is more prominent with the ordinary citizen to ease the dryness and fight off heat through economical means such as buying ice cream, cold beverages and even shakes. Most of them who do not have air conditioning in their homes will probably visit the mall to cool off and at the same time to stroll around for window shopping,  and they would really try some Best Portable Air Conditioners.

Mundane Scenario

 As the summer season arrived, most of us find alternative means to cool our body and to prevent any sickness such heat strokes. Some are buying watermelons since it is the best-cultivated fruit with high water content which helps in replenishing the body’s vitality. Others will probably indulge themselves with cold desserts and beverages to help them endure the dryness of the environment.

best portable air conditioner

But during the extreme heat conditions, people tend to be wise by creating their own DIY creations. Some will probably construct and combine a bucket of ice and an electric fan to simulate air conditioners. Even though how inconvenient replacing the melted ices every hour, it is one of the best alternatives in comparison to expensive air conditioners.

A Better Alternative

Since mounted and split type air conditioners are expensive, an alternative means of the cooling system is basically just in the category of fans. It is because the unit is already quite costly even without considering the installation cost and monthly bills of using it. Therefore, it becomes less feasible for low to medium income households. Hence, for constant ventilation of cool air in premises is very expensive to the most of the people.

As time goes by and with the continuous development of the technology, there are much cheaper and convenient alternatives which become available in the current market. Portable air conditioners are a new alternative since it is cheaper and excludes the cost of installation. It also does not run on too much electricity which lessens the burden of the monthly bills. As of now, there are lots of new brands and to get the best portable AC, you need to extensively research the most affordable and best-performing brand.