Background checks form an extremely important verification step before hiring someone or even when renting out or co-letting your place. In recent times, they have also become an efficient way to know about a new single neighbor or someone you plan on having a close relation with. Some years back, the only way to get background check done was through P.I. However, given the increase in demands for background checks – especially for non-official reasons, today a large number of online websites – that claim to provide background checks – have sprung up. However, if you want to the top 5 online places where you can get unbiased, independent and authentic reviews of an individual, then look no further than Top5BackgroundChecks.

best background check websites

Some of the reasons why we should be your trusted place for finding the best background check websites are:

  1. TruthFinder are one of the leading websites providing unbiased reviews. Our reviewers have painstakingly reviewed 17 websites in detail and have looked at every small feature offered by these websites. They have also compared the time taken to get the information, the charges paid and the depth and accuracy of information displayed in account. We also compare the ease of use of the websites and the kind of information that needs to given to get an accurate result. The end result is that they have listed the top 5 websites that can be blindly relied on for identity verification. So you can be sure of getting authentic information at the tip of a button anywhere and everywhere.
  2. We aim to answer every feedback of our customer and thus are open to feedbacks from you. This helps us improve our offering and at the end serve you better. At the end of our day, our service should meet your criteria and that is just what it does.
  3. We do not review free sites as we strictly believe in the old saying “you get what you pay for”. In our opinion, free identify check websites have old databases that cannot be relied upon. Thus we stay away from these and only review those websites that we are sure have the latest, frequently updated databases.

At Top5BackgroundChecks, we are committed to help our visitors uncover the truth about anyone they are searching information about lead their hand all the way till the desired information is before them.