Rodeo is a popular competitive game held for the working practice of cattle herding. This is the place where cowboy can show their skills. Mostly national final rodeo includes the following events

  • Roping – Cowboy who participates in the competition has to throw a rope on the horns or over the head of the cattle.
  • Calf Roping – It is also called as tie-down roping. Cowboy ropes a running calf with his horse. While roping the calf should not fall. If it falls then he or she will lose. For this calf roping, horse has to be well trained to help you to last long in the game.
  • Breakaway roping – This is also a type of calf roping where the rope tied with flag, it has to break free.
  • Team roping – People capture and restrain full grown push.
  • Barrel racing – With the horse, competitor race around the barrels

  • Steer wrestling – It is a king of bulldogging. This is a slight dangerous event to participate.
  • Goat tying – It is similar to calf roping. Instead of calf, here goat is left out for event.
  • Bronc riding – Ridding onto the bucking horse.
  • Bull riding – Similar to bronc riding where bull is used instead of horse.
  • Steer riding – This is an event for boys and girls under 14 where they are allowed to ride steer.

Professional rodeo is popular around United States. One of the biggest NFR will take place in Las Vegas around December. This competition continues for few days and it takes around a year for final competition result. This is the popular game and thus media considers it as a niche sport. So it is a hassle to find in which television this game will be telecasted.  To help you watch WNFR live stream here is a list of compiled best websites to watch. Thus in United States, CBC sports is the only channel that has rights in telecasting the live stream of the show. If you are subscribed into the channel, then you can watch NFR online by signing into the sports site. Else you can even watch it through cable network by getting help from the cable provider. If you are not open to any of these cable or system, you can download the CBS sports network app. This app will need you to pay for a subscription and if you are new to the app then you will have access to free trial subscription.