No one would disagree that there is something absolutely fascinating in the world of medicine. The human body is so exquisite and complex that the more you immerse yourself in it, the more it captivates you. The many parties that cooperate to perform the daily tasks that everyone takes for granted are incredible and certainly worthy of exposure. The Syriraj Medical Museum takes you through the impressive journey of structure, fabrication and body miracles. And the best part is that the exhibits that are here are completely real, which gives the museum a terrifying touch.

What to expect from this siriraj medical museum

For a medical student, corpses are simply objects to learn something; the layman, however, does not really feel that way. The siriraj medical museum pictures is adorned with corpses almost anywhere it turns. For medical students, the museum is preserved. The museum is located in the oldest hospital in Bangkok, which is a teaching hospital that trains doctors in the field of medicine. The medical museum of this complex is not only open to students who train in this hospital, but it is also open to the public. Skeletons, human deformities, cross section of a skull, preserved bodies and more; You get all this in this well-stocked museum.

The museum includes six temporary and temporary exhibitions. In 2008, the temporary exhibitions focused on the tsunami and included a video on how everything happened. Permanent exhibitions deal with other areas of medical science, such as anatomy, pathology, forensic medicine, congenital disorders, toxicology and traditional medicine. Among the many exhibits are the deformation of babies that are kept in a liquid, and you will find small preserved fetuses and embryos that will guide you through the different stages of pregnancy. The preserved body of Si Quey, a serial killer who was captured in 1950 and a rapist at his side are undoubtedly two of the most interesting – albeit surprising – exhibitions at the museum.

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